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Best Gerber Pocket Knife

About Gerber Knives

 Back in 1939 Pete Gerber founded a company that over years has grown into one of the most renowned companies in the world.  When Joseph Gerber designed the first kitchen knives and sent them to his first customers little did he realise that with this he was to start a multi million business.  After the first delivery there followed multiple ones to the satisfied clients and Joseph made a decision to start the company in 1939.  Ever since then,  the Gerber company has been producing extra quality knives and gear that fall into several categories,  knives for the military,  survival knives,  tactical and industrial,  hunting knives,  outdoor and essentials knives.

Nowadays,  the company is based in Oregon, USA where Gerber`s engineers constantly make improvements to meet the needs of numerous customers and provide top quality knives they are famous for.  The knives are extremely durable,  made for even hardest conditions and tested in real environments.  Their survival equipment has been known to meet the highest expectations and can be seen in survival shows.  Its tactical knives are recognized as the best on international scale.  Not many companies are known to give lifetime warranty for their products.  Gerber is one of a few.

 What Makes Them Unique

Pocket knives made by Gerber are one of a kind featuring the best materials,  amazing design and durability.  Whether it is a full-tang knife or a pocket knife,   choosing  one of Gerber products is never a mistake.  If  you need a pocket knife for gardening or for hunting,  for cutting wood or survival in the wilderness,   you should  trust the Gerber knives because the standards are the same for each one of them.    One of the most outstanding features is that the quality has stayed the same since its foundation seventy years ago. 

 Our Favourites

 Mini Covert Knife With Serrated Edge – this superb pocket knife is a typical example of Gerber`s excellence.  Everything about this knife is great,  the design,  blade quality,  opening and closing mechanism,  its ergonomic handle and even the pocket clip.  It is light,   with titanium coated blade and G-10 handle that fits comfortably in hands.  The knife comes with serrated edge for more precise cutting and one-hand fast opening.

 Gerber Gator Folding Knives – the best pocket knife for hunting with an excellent  razor sharp blade made of 420HC stainless steel and thermoformed ballistic nylon for its handle.  The ergonomic  handle is designed to give the best grip possilbe suitable for field dress.  The knife comes with gut hook for hunters and is easily opened one-hand. 

 Gerber Fine Edge Knife – strong,  ergonomic non-slip handle and black steel blade with a good mechanism that can be opened one-handed.   It proved useful for light and medium work,  for camping,  even opening cans.  This is Gerber at its best.

Not only will  Gerber knives prove excellent for any cutting job but they will also save both your money and time.   People who had them once always stayed with the brand for a long time.

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